Diseases Details

Diseases that makes you uncomfortable at body level.


It is an allergic reaction appear as pale/red or of skin color raised patches often sudden and cause intense itch.

It is also known as hives / sheet in hindi.

It is non contagious and occur because of Hypersensitive reaction of Histamin to the allergen.

This allergen can be anything that person is sensitive to.

Urticaria is of two types :

  1. Acute Urticaria : appear suddenly and can be treated with antihistaminic treatment like citrizen .


  1. Chronic Urticaria : Repeated episodes of urticarial eruptions . whatever the illness , when it becomes chronic mean now it is the part of your body and to get rid from , patient must treat the problem by its root and it is possible only through Homeopathic treatment,

Patient don’t need to wait for several months to get cure , start taking treatment from kalpana homeopathy and see the changes rapidly. This will not only treat urticarial but also strengthen patient immunity that has been weakened.