Diseases Details

Diseases that makes you uncomfortable at body level.

Fungal Infection

Also known as Mycosis / Daad / Contagious disease means it can spread to another person if comes in contact either directly skin to skin or by using objects of affected person.

It is the most common skin problem affect majorly because of poor hygiene.

Common affected areas are groin, axilla, hips, under breast and the areas prone to perspiration more.

The appearance of fungus is circular, red , small blisters over margin with intolerable itch which cause burn after itch without any relief.

When it starts to appear patient start using itchguard or other antifungal tubes with fluconazole contain drugs. Few may get relief initially but later on the rashes appear more profoundly covering larger area of skin . once it blooms these rashes appear over face too.

The right homeopathic medicines with self management this can be permanently treat.

Thousands of patients are already get cured from Kalpana homeopathy . now its your turn.

Self management : if you have fungal – with the right homeopathic medicines follow these :

  1. Apply coconut oil over the affected part four to five times in a day.
  2. Start bathing atleast twice.
  3. Make sure to wash your all clothes in hot water and dry under sun light . this will help to kill bacterias.
  4. Keep your daily use objects away from all as it may occur to your near and dear ones.