Diseases Details

Diseases that makes you uncomfortable at body level.


A condition that causes skin inflamed or irritate that cause skin to be itchy more and uncontrollable. The known cause of eczema is  overactive response by the body's immune system while Homeopathy believes nothing happen in body until your mind is not sick.

There are various types of eczema on the basis of its presentation.

On broad level it is of two types :

DRY ECZEMA : Affected areas usually appear very dry, thickened, or scaly. 

WET EZCEMA : oozing with crusting.

In allopathic mode of medicines there is no treatment for this rather patient will be on never ending prescription that make skin unhealthy more & more.

Kalpana homeopathy has numerous cured cases of eczema be it affect to the child or adult.

Choose homeopathy and get your skin permanantely healthy and immuned.