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Worms complaint of

Worms in children are a common problem and a source of great distress to the children as well as the parents. Children may get infected with several types of worms like pinworms, roundworms, ringworms, tapeworms, etc.                                           The worms travel down the intestine and come out of the anus at night time or early morning. The female pinworms may lay their eggs in the lining around the anus. This results in intense itching of the bottom in children. A child who constantly scratches his/her bottom may be infected with worms.

 The worms eat up all the nourishment in the children. So even though a child may have a healthy and proper diet, he/she may be malnourished resulting in loss of weight, becoming lean and decreases in body immunity

 There will be increased instances of abdominal irritation and pain complaints in children who are infected with worms.                                                                                           Take our best homeopathic treatment for worms in children. we give best results by Homeopathy with zero side effects.