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Diseases that makes you uncomfortable at body level.


Symptoms of Gastritis uncomfortable condition account for more than 5 thousand visits to the Kalpana Homeopathy each year in the Gwalior alone. This is because gastritis symptoms can wreak all kinds of havoc on people’s digestive tracts, leaving them in all sorts of pain and discomfort.                                                                                                               

What is gastritis, you ask? It’s an uncomfortable digestive problem caused by stomach inflammation and erosion of the lining of the stomach (called the gastric mucosa).                                                                 

If you’re middle-aged or older, overweight or obese, experience chronic stress, and frequently eat processed foods, you’re at the greatest risk for experiencing gastritis. (2) Our clinical case researches suggest that adults over the age of 60 tend to experience a gradual erosion of the stomach lining, higher rates of infections or autoimmune disorders, and nutrient deficiencies that can all make gastritis symptoms worse.                                                                                                   

What can you do to help manage your symptoms?                           

Making changes to your diet — including lowering alcohol intake and consuming more fresh produce — plus quitting smoking and exercising can help protect you from gastritis and take our best homeopathic treatment according to individual persons individually by which we give the best results by Homeopathy.